We created a friendly and warm atmosphere in our stuff. That's why the doctors work with pleasure and smiles, presenting a good mood to the patients. Our joining is garantee of success.

Credo of our clinic is specialization and professionalism

For many of us teeth cure is a big problem. That is why our nationals still go to a dentist for teeth cure unwillingly and only in cases when there is no strength to suffer pain any more.

When talking about “Grand Dent” clinic, the situation is absolutely other. Thanks to efforts and professionalism of a dentist Hrant Grigoryan teeth cure became much more pleasant procedure than before. He passed the way of mastering and introducing of the most contemporary remedies, methods and technologies in a diagnostic system, preventive measures, teeth and oral cavity diseases cure, which helped to improve the quality of services to an absolutely new level, which meets the level of western stomatology.
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